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These beautiful posters have been created by the talented, Landis Productions, a resident of the San Gabriel Mountains and local mountain historian. I, Phillip, make a small commission with every purchase. On behalf of us both, your support and contributions are immensely appreciated.

Mount Lowe Railway (3 Sizes)

I personally own this poster, and love everything about it. It reminds me of the halcyon days of the San Gabriels.

An electric tram, known as the The Mount Lowe Railway transported visitors from the Rubio Pavilion  in Rubio Canyon up to the Echo Mountain House (now the main ruins at Echo Mountain) via the trolley shown in this poster.

Big Bear Lodge

Fun fact, this poster is a re-mastered 1920’s advertising brochure! The lodge was built by Gus Knight Jr and John Metcalf in 1888, an event that marked the beginning of the San Bernardino’s mountain resorts era.

Mount Wilson Hotel

Mount Wilson has been home to three hotels, the first of which was built in 1904 and burnt down in 1913.

Unfortunately, none of the hotels stand today, but you can still visit the amazing observatory, and even explore inside during certain months of the year.

Mount Baldy

The king of the San Gabriel Mts has been home to miners, hikers, and hunters. However, in 1944 Mt Baldy got its 1st rope tow and the rest was history.

These two posters are a blast to the past to a time when Californians had just fallen in love with the winter sport of skiing.

Mt Lowe Tavern & Cottages

Imagine living at the beginning of the 20th century, and flocking up to the Mount Lowe Resort with hundreds of people for the weekend to enjoy a beautiful mountain paradise at the Ye Alpine Tavern & Cottages.

Stillwell’s Camp

In 1921, Stillwell’s Resort at Big Bear Lake opened to the public. It was so popular that 500 people participated in the Grand Opening.

Unfortunately, the resort burnt down in 1928, was quickly replaced, and the second structure suffered the same fate in 1945. Blue Whale Lakeside Restaurant now stands where Stillwell’s was once located.

Soboba Mineral Hot Springs

Soboba hot springs was a popular health resort near the San Jacinto area.

The Native American man represents the Cahuilla people, who now live at the Soboba Indian Reservation.

This poster is a re-mastered 1930’s advertising brochure!

Ski Snow Forest, Big Bear

Founded by Judge Clifford R Lynn in 1949, Snow Forest was the beginning of winter sports in Bear Valley.

Lynn Hill, as it was then known, was bought by the Platus Brothers in 1963, and renamed Snow Forest. Although the resort closed in 1973, its impact on SoCal winter sports lives on.


Mt Lowe Cable Car

One of Professor Lowe’s main attractions was the “Great Incline,” which transported visitors from the Rubio Pavilion in Rubio Canyon up to the Echo Mountain House (now the main ruins at Echo Mountain) via the Cable Car shown in this poster.

Strain’s Camp, Mount Wilson

This is another poster I personally own because I love the history behind  it. 

The San Gabriel’s were home to a whole lot of lot of private owned resorts and camps at the beginning of the 20th century.

One of those camps was Strain’s camp, located on a little flats not too far from where the observatory is located today. Like most resorts, Strain’s camp was shut down but its story lives on, thanks to the work of people like Mark Landis.

Big Pines Recreation Area

Opened in 1924 to provide Southern Californians the opportunity of surfing and skiing the same day, Big Pines Recreation Area THE place to be LA.

This poster has also been re-mastered from a 1920’s advertising brochure.


Mt Lowe Observatory

The Mount Lowe observatory was built back in 1894! Unfortunately, it closed down in 1928 when it was damaged by a windstorm, but the ruins can still be visited via a 5 mile trek up to Echo Mountain.


Ye Alpine Tavern

One of the pitstops for the Mount Lowe Railway was the beautiful Ye Alpine Tavern. It was decorated like a cozy mountain tavern on the inside and housed thousand so of people during its peak years.


Ski Snow Valley

Thanks to Sverre Engen, a Norwegian ski jumping champion who purchased the food concession cabin at the pre-Snow Valley location known as Fish Camp, Snow Valley has blossomed into the winter resort we know and love today.


Mt Lowe Tavern & Cottages Couple

Notice something about the valley below? That’s right, much of the San Gabriel Valley still consisted of groves! This is one of the posters which helpless romantics will love.

Mt Lowe Trail Trips

Did you know from the 1880s to the 1920’s LA went through a hiking boom called the “Great Hiking Era?” These two lovely ladies were immortalized in this poster on their trek up to Mount Lowe.

Mt Lowe Trail Trips

Because the San Gabriel Mts had very few roads at the turn of the 20th century, most people had to hike up very long trails to reach the resorts, thus allowing the camps to bloom as people would visit for days.

Wrightwood Skiing & Snow Area

Wrightwood is a beautiful little mountain town located on the eastern end of the San Gabriel Mountains.

If you snowboard or ski you may also know it’s home to Mountain High, SoCal’s closest mountain resort.


Arrowhead Hot Spring Hotel

The arrow on the hillside above the hotel is a host to various Native American legends.

The hot springs was converted from a hygienic infirmary to a hotel in 1868, and has since then been continuously rebuilt into new and larger hotels after fires burnt the first 3. The 4th hotel still stands today.

Lake Arrowhead Lodge

The stunning Normandy Lake Arrowhead Lodge opened its doors to the public on July 23, 1923 and has hosted a myriad of affluent guests from presidents to actors.

Although the original lodge burnt down in 1938, multiple lodges have been rebuilt and continue to attract a wide variety of visitors.

Rustic Frames I Personally Use

This is the rustic frame I use for my posters, incase you’re interested. It keeps the mountain vibe going.

I bought the 13×9 frame for my 13×9 posters.