Fall Creek Falls Big Tujunga: Secret 200 ft Waterfall in LA

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4.6 Miles


~2 Hrs



Best Season


Elevation Gain

941 Ft

Who doesn’t love hidden waterfalls? Well, we’re super excited to share this colossal gem with you!

Fall Creek Falls is a 4-tier, 200-foot waterfall located in Big Tujunga. The hike features multiple falls, creek crossings, and a stunning view of Big Tujunga Canyon. There are no restrooms. Be aware of ticks and insects on the last part of the hike, so I don’t recommend bringing dogs. 


Map of Fall Creek Falls


Directions & Parking

For directions to Fall Creek Falls, you can click the link here.

The parking lot will be on the left-hand side of the road. Be careful when making a left onto the shoulder as this is a blind turn.

You’ll recognize the trailhead because there’s a white gate leading to a dirt road. The majority of the hike will be on this road.

Hiking to The Falls

The hike begins with the dirt road slowly descending to the canyon floor. The area burnt down in the Station Fire of 2009.

As you make your way down, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of Big Tujunga Canyon.

There is lots of history here dating back to the 1800s, which is why there are probably pieces of steel pipes still laying around the canyon.

big tujunga canyon

At about 1 mile into the hike, you’ll notice a small waterfall on the right side of the road. I love this! It’s so rare to see a waterfall at this elevation, especially when everything around is so dry.

Unfortunately, it’s buried behind some brush, but you’ll be able to see it much clearer in person.

When you’re about halfway into the hike you’ll be able to clearly see Fall Creek Falls from across the canyon. It’s a mesmerizing sight to see a waterfall this size.

Can you spot all four tiers?

fall creek falls

The road continues to descend and you’ll get different, but just as amazing, angles of the falls.

You can see the lowest tier much more clearly in this image.

Once the road ends at the canyon floor make a quick u-turn into the canyon and continue following the stream. In other words, head west into the canyon. The picture below shows the last section of the dirt road.

TIP: Bring Bug Spray

Remember, there is no specific trail once you hit the canyon floor, which means it’s very overgrown.  Keep an eye out for poison oak and fire ants. If you find it’s too overgrown to walk through the brush you can always walk inside the creek.

As you follow the creek, you’ll start to make a left turn. Shortly thereafter, you’ll see the bottom tier of the falls on your right.

Once you get to the waterfall you can climb up the little hill on the left to get a view from above the brush. You’ll most likely have the place to yourself, so take a minute to soak it all in.

Fall Creek Falls

Here is a portrait shot from directly in front of the falls.

fall creek falls

This is definitely one of the most fun hikes I’ve been on in LA. From creek crossings to a maze-like canyon floor, the beauty and adventure make this a bucket list hike.

I highly recommend this lesser-known gem!


Interesting Folklore of Big Tujunga Creek

The Big Tujunga Creek runs throughout the Big Tujunga canyon where Fall Creek Falls is located. There’s a very interesting story as to how it was named.

Big Tujunga Creek was, not surprisingly, named after the village of Tujunga. The name translates to “old woman’s place”.

The story goes that the wife of the chief of the region was filled with sorrow after her daughter’s death. This led to her running to the mountains and ultimately turning to stone.

Oddly enough, there’s said to be a rock in Little Tujunga Canyon that resembles an old woman that seems to be sitting down.

Strange coincidence…isn’t it?

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