Peck Road Water Conservation Park: Riparian Sanctuary

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Many parks have lost their touch with their wild side, resembling a larger version of your lawn. Peck Park retains its unkept and natural beauty, boasting two lakes, stunning views of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains, and offering a wide variety of recreational activities. 

The 5 acre recreational park was built on an old quarry site, and offers a half a mile loop along the edge of the lakes. However, those who wish to elongate their walk can use the bike lanes, which wrap around the south lake. 

Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash. 

Note: Peck Park is a safe place to visit during the day. However, I highly recommend leaving the park before sundown, as there may be individuals with ill intentions at night. 


  • Cycling 
  • Bird Watching
  • Walking 
  • Fishing
  • Barbeque
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic Table


    6:00 am to 8:00 pm

    Monday – Sunday

    Phone Number:

    626 334-1065 


    5401 N Peck Road, Arcadia CA 91006

    No parking fee is required 


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    Peck Road Park Half Mile Loop

    The loop begins via a dirt road near the edge of the lake on the north side of the recreational park. 

    A dirt trail parallels the dirt road for those who want to follow the lake shore for the entirety of the park (which is what we did). 

    It’s a peaceful walk, offering views of the San Bernardino and Angeles National Forests with the lake in the foreground. 

    Once you reach the west side of the park, a 40-50 “canal” connects the two lakes. During times of low water level, you can walk across the need to walk around the entire southern lake. 

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    Below is a view from the opposite side of the “canal.”

    Make your way towards the southern lake by following the dirt trail, which is below the dirt road and about 30 feet away from the lakeshore. 

    Wild mustard, an invasive species known for taking over many Southern California hills and parks, has found a home at Peck Park. 

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    The southern lake is a great spot for fishing, especially during sunset. I almost always see fishermen in that spot. 

    Fish in the lakes include: 

    • Largemouth Bass
    • Catfish
    • Crappie
    • Bluegill
    • Carp

    Trout is no longer stocked here. Eating the fish in the lake is highly discouraged. 

    Once you’re done exploring the south side of the park, hop back on the dirt road. You’ll notice small dirt paths diverging from the road, with gardens decorating the sides. 

    This is as groomed as it gets at Peck Park. 

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    The loop is completed once you’ve reached the green field adjoining the parking lot. 

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    History of Peck Rd Park

    180 acre Peck Rd Park was once an alluvial pebble quarry, similar to the other quarries in the area. 

    The Army Corps proceeded to channel the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers into the area, creating a shallow basin containing the typical LA Basin urban watershed.  

    Peck Rd Park serves several functions, including municipal water and stormwater supply management, outdoor recreation activities, transportation, and the protection of certain habitats. 

    The double lakes hold water year round, and in 1975, the LA County Parks obtained jurisdiction of the east side of the park, where the restrooms and parking lot are located. 

    Since then, LA County Parks has invested in the area, transforming the landscape from a dull and barren quarry to a more recreational park that has become part of the Emerald Necklace (a multi-city bike loop that is very popular with the locals). 

    Both the Sawpit and Arcadia Wash are responsible for feeding into the park’s lakes, which form the headwaters of the Rio Hondo River. The Rio Hondo River merges with the LA River further south in the South Gate area. 

    The lakes are also managed by the LA County’s Flood Control for controlling floods. 

    The park’s riparian habitat, which is surrounded by a sea of concrete, serves as a wildlife sanctuary for the 250 of the 500 birds that reside or migrate through California. 

    Like other riparian ecosystems, you can expect to find varying types of Willow Trees, Mulefat, and Western Sycamores.  

    For news stories regarding Peck Road Park, click the link here. Then, click the link which says Permalink under the title that catches your attention to download the PDF file containing the URL linking to the story. 

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