Lake Gregory Complete Guide & Events

Lake Gregory Complete Guide & Events

At Lake Gregory, expect an inflatable water park, sandy beaches, and giant water slides all surrounded by tons of majestic cedar pine trees. This is by far one of my favorite mountain towns.  

The lake, which is an 84-acre reservoir in the town of Crestline, lies within the San Bernardino Mountains at an elevation of 4528ft. Activities include hiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking perfect for the whole family. Every winter, the town transforms into a snowy winter wonderland. The loop around the lake is a total of 2.4 miles and has a very gradual elevation gain of 64 feet.

If you like Crestline, then you’re definitely going to like this other town in the San Bernardino Mountains. Click the following link to view Big Bear’s most popular trails.

Lake Gregory Map

Lake Gregory Parking & Directions

lake gregory south gate and parking lot

Lake Gregory has 3 parking lots. To get to each parking lot, click the links below.

Lot A – North Shore

Lot B – South Beach

Lot C – San Moritz Lodge

To pay for parking, look for the bright green signs which include the payment directions.

You have three payment options

  1. QR code (scan w/ your phone camera)

  2. ParkMobile app (download here)

  3. ParkMobile website

The daily parking fees include:

  • $2 for the FIRST hour
  • $1 for each additional hour
  • $10 for the entire day

To avoid the fee, park on Lake Dr located on the north side of the lake.

Lake Gregory Things to Do

There are a myriad of things to do at Lake Gregory. Some are seasonal and others requiring paying a certain price.

See each activity below for additional info.

Lake Gregory Water Park

The Lake Gregory inflatable water is undoubtedly a summer favorite for most families. From Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, you can expect a HUGE inflated waterpark floating in the lake!

Anyone 7 years or older or measuring at least 48” in height can enjoy this super cool experience. Teens and adults can join in too!

Price is $10 per day.

Want to view more kid-friendly hikes? Check out SoCal’s best hiking trails for kids. All of these hikes are easy, fun, and most importantly, safe enough for small children. 

Personal Boat Launch

Take your own kayak, durable boat, canoe, or stand-up paddle board for a relaxing day at the lake from sunrise to sunset.

Price is $10 per day or $89 for the whole year.

Dog Park

The dog park is a gated perimeter near the lakeshore and South Gate parking lot. What’s the price you ask? It’s FREEE

Skate Park & Sport Courts

Located across the street from the lake, this fun skatepark is free for kids of all ages.

Click the link HERE to view the exact location.

Water Slide

A water slide, resembling those of Raging Waters, is located near the lakeshore and empties into small pool. The slide, like the inflatable water park, is open to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The price is $10 per day.

Beach & Splash Pad

If you don’t feel like playing in inflatable water park or sliding down the water slide, you can relax at the beach or take your kids to the Splash Pad.

The Splash Pad is an area with water fountains where small children can safely enjoy the water, as it’s not a pool.

The price for the day is also $10.


Fishing at Lake Gregory is a year-round sport. The lake is rated as one of Socal’s best lakes for trout fishing, and is frequently stocked with 1550 lbs of Golden and Rainbow Trout. 

The cost is currently $10 per day or $89 for the whole year. 

All-Access Day Pad

If you plan on spending all day at the lake, you should consider the All-Access Day Pass. It’s $20 and includes the Inflatable Water Park, Water Slide, and Splash Pad.

You can find the link to purchase all of the aforementioned passes HERE.

Lake Gregory Rentals

Don’t own a boat or bike? No worries, you can rent the following items:

  • Duffy Boat
  • Pedal Boat
  • Row Boat
  • Aqua Cycles
  • Canoes
  • E-Bikes
  • Paddle Boats
  • Kayaks
  • Cabanas

All rentals can be found HERE.

Lake Gregory Events

Lake Gregory hosts a myriad of events such as free concerts, farmers markets, and the patriotic annual Fourth of July Fire work show, to name a few.

For more info on the events, click the link HERE.

Lake Gregory Loop

Last but not least is the 2.4 mile loop around the lake. The trailhead begins at the South Gate parking lot, where you’ll find a map of the area.

By the way, if this hike is too easy for you, consider Pine Knot Trail To Grand View Point, a 6.89 roundtrip mile hike located in Big Bear with amazing views of San Gorgonio Peak and the Santa Ana River. 

lake gregory

It’s crazy to think that this 84-acre lake is in such a small community!

Almost immediately, you’ll arrive at the dog park area where the kids were having fun sliding down on their snow sleds. 

lake gregory

Further down the trail, I came across this funky-looking snowman. It definitely felt like wintertime! 

lake gregory

As you continue your nature walk, you’ll arrive at the second beach, which faces north. Unfortunately, swimming is only allowed in the designated area.

The area is beautiful. I’m surprised it’s not a preserve, which reminds me. Visit the Etiwanda Preserve waterfall, the most popular falls in the county of San Bernardino, for more amazing outdoor hiking adventures.

lake gregory

Shortly afterward is the third beach, which faces west, and is primarily used for relaxing and fishing.

lake gregory

I can’t even imagine how beautiful those sunsets and sunrises must look like from the lakefront houses. The view is amazing. 

If you like lake views, then you have to add the Castle Rock hike to your list. The short trail leads you to a mount of huge boulders which can be climbed to enjoy breathtaking views of Big Bear Lake.

A little further, there’s a small sandy section with tons of logs. This is another perfect spot for fishing, relaxing, and taking photos. 

lake gregory

Below is a picture of the water slide covered in snow. The loop around the lake is almost complete.

lake gregory

After the water slide, you’ll have to walk down Lake Gregory Dr and back into the South Gate parking lot to complete the loop. I highly recommend visiting this place in the summer.

The lake activities are unlike any other place in our mountains, and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Don’t leave just yet! Did you know a Crestline waterfall is located just a few minutes away from the lake? It’s an easy but stunningly beautiful trail shaded by a sea of tall pine trees that ends at a waterfall with a heart-shaped hole next to the top of the cascade. Check it out. You won’t regret it!

History and Fun Facts About Lake Gregory

It might be surprising to know that Lake Gregory is actually a man-made lake. Here’s how it all began.

Lake Gregory was originally known as Houston Flats. In 1937, a Redlands Citrus grower by the name of Arthur Gregory, Sr. helped with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) grant that began damming the east and west forks of the Houston Creek in order to create the lake.

Within the next year, federal funds ran out before it was completed. Gregory was generous enough to lend plenty of money in order to finally complete it.

In 1938, it was estimated it would take about three years to fill up the dam. To their surprise, the rains were so heavy in March that it only took three days to fill up the lake!  Now, Lake Gregory is 80 feet deep (at its deepest) with a surface elevation of about 4,550 feet!

If you had a good time at Crestline, then I highly recommend you visit Big Falls in the San Bernardino Mountains, the largest waterfall in Southern California. It’s a whopping 500 feet high, and also located in a small mountain town called Forest Falls.