Heart Rock Trail: 25ft Falls & A Heart Shaped Hole

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  • Total Miles: 1.87
  • Time: 45 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Best Season: Spring
  • Elevation Gain: 392 Ft
  • Max Elevation: 4175 Ft
  • Type of Trail: Out & Back
  • Parking Lot: Fits ≈ 15 cars
  • Dogs: Allowed On A Leash
  • Restrooms: Not Available
  • Trail Popularity: High

Looking for an easy and scenic waterfall hike? Look no further, Heart Rock Trails is a must do.

Heart Rock Trail is a 1.87 mile roundtrip trail located in the mountain town of Crestline. This easy hike features a naturally heart-carved rock next to a 25-foot cascade. The trail weaves its way through a dense sea of pine trees from beginning to end while running parallel to the creek. Snow can be expected in the winter. 

Heart Rock Trail is such a unique hike that I added it to my list of best SoCal hikes, which includes abandoned ruins, 500 ft waterfalls, and slot canyons. Check out the rest of the list by clicking the link below. You won’t regret it:

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Heart Rock Trail Map

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Heart Rock Trail Elevation Profile

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Directions & Parking

The gate to access the trailhead has been closed more often than not. However, you can park off of Hwy 138, in a turn out which you can see below.

Helpful Links

Weather Forecast

SoCal Adventure Pass (required to park in SoCal mountains)

Hiking Heart Rock Trail

If you’re starting from the street, locate the large “Camp Seely” sign and walk down the road. The Road Closed signs only apply to vehicles. 

Walk past the gate and brace yourself for your first obstacle. Sometimes the water in the creek is high enough to flood the road, so you may have to get your feet wet from the getco. 

The picture below shows an alternative path to walking up the cement road before arriving at the official trailhead.

It can be super easy to miss when it snows, so keep an eye out for it. It’s a small opening in between tall pine trees and a utility pole.

Here’s a closer look. 

The snow is very soft and plush after a snowstorm, and it will make you feel like you’ve left California altogether. 

When you arrive at the swimming pool, make a slight left. 

You’ve arrived at the official trailhead! Just look at how many trees there are on this hike. The locals are so lucky!

Everything about this trail is very different from the typical drier environments.

As you trek your way through the forest, you will hear the sound of running water the entire time because the creek rarely leaves your sight.

Look out for a fallen tree laying perpendicular to the trail. Make a hard right to arrive at your destination.

Carefully make your way down, but not all the way to the base of the waterfall. At least, not yet.

To get the best view of the heart, you need to stand on a boulder platform that is situated above the top of the falls. You will be looking down at the top of the waterfall and heart as shown in the picture below.

How is it that nature has carved a perfect heart-shaped rock right next to a waterfall? Truly magnificent and amazing to look at. 

Want to explore SoCal’s largest waterfall which also happens to be located in the San Bernardino National Forest? Click the link below!

Big Falls Trail

Heart Rock Trail

If you want a closer look, boulder scramble your way down (about 25-30 feet) to the base of the falls. It’s not very difficult. The average person should be able to climb down.  

Once you get to the bottom, you will come face to face with Heart Rock Falls. Another adventure crossed off the list. 

Heart Rock Trail is truly one of the most beautiful and romanticized hikes in SoCal. I give this snowy trek a 10/10!

History of Camp Seeley

I thought I’d share some information on Camp Seeley since Heart Rock Falls was formally known as Seely Creek Falls.

In the 1850s, the Mormon Seely brothers established a water-powered sawmill in what is now known as Camp Seely .Unfortunately, in 1861, winter floods washed away the water-powered sawmill. 

In 1914, the city of LA decided to purchase the land and name it Camp Seely, after the Seely brothers. 

Nowadays, the camp has roughly 60 cabins available for rent, a game room, lodge, and much more. 


Are dogs allowed on the trail? 

Yes, dogs are allowed but must be on a leash.

What are the Heart Rock Trail hours? 

Heart Rock Trail is open 24/7.

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