Lake Gregory Regional Park: Trail and Activities

Jan 28, 2021

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2.3 Miles


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All Year

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You might not know this, but high up in the San Bernardino Mountains is a beautiful scenic lake known as Lake Gregory. Surrounded by tons of cool cedar pine trees and sandy beach-like areas, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into a nostalgic movie from your childhood. 

Lake Gregory Regional Park is an 84-acre reservoir in the town of Crestline within the San Bernardino Mountains. There is a 2.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail that surrounds the lake. Things to do in Lake Gregory include hiking, fishing,  swimming, kayaking, and more.


Map of Lake Gregory Regional Park

*Starting point shown in red.

Lake Gregory Directions & Parking


In order to get to this little mountain retreat in California, click this address to redirect you to google maps: Lake Gregory Regional Park, 24171 Lake Dr, Crestline, CA 92325.

Getting to the main parking lot is easy. I passed the grocery store “Goodwin and Sons Market” and found the main parking lot around the corner of the lake. 

There’s also another parking lot in the same spot as the blue and white “Cove Cafe” restaurant by the lake, right across from Goodwin and Sons Market. 

Here are the daily parking fees:

  • Regular days – $10
  • Holidays – $20
  • Special Events – $25


Gear I Used On This Hike

Nalgene Tritan BPA-Free Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

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Merrel Moab 2 Vent Mid HIking Boots

These are the BEST hiking boots I’ve ever owned. I love these highly ventilated boots so much because they’re super light, perfect for CA’s hot weather, and provide tons of traction.

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Loop Around Lake Gregory


lake gregory


At the start, there’s a map of the entire Lake Gregory Regional Park and Trail. It’s crazy to know that this 84-acre lake is in such a small community!

Not to mention, it isn’t too far if you live in SoCal.


lake gregory

Walking along, I saw this enclosed dog park area where the kids were having fun sliding down on their snow sleds. A wholesome and sweet scene. For those of you who were wondering, yes, it snows here!

The snow-covered area makes the lake that much more exciting to visit during the snow season. 

lake gregory

Further down the trail, I came across this funky-looking snowman. It definitely felt like wintertime!

The view of the lake with all the snow is truly a magnificent sight.

lake gregory

Around the corner, I spotted tons of ducks enjoying their ride on the lake’s small ripples.

This side of the lake had a lot fewer people hanging around, but I thought the views were beautiful from this side of the lake too.

lake gregory

I continued walking for about half a mile, or more, and eventually reached the beach area. A few people were fishing here as well. The view of the lake completely transforms. I started the loop surrounded by snow, and this gave off summertime vibes. 

I can imagine how much fun it is during the summer months to lay on this sandy beach, then go for a swim.

A stunning view of the lake from the beach area. You get to see all of the tall pine trees in the distance and the houses on the side of the lake.

This was by far my favorite view! 

lake gregory


A little further, there’s a small sandy section with tons of logs. This is another perfect spot to fish in.

You can also take some Instagram-worthy pictures of this area or even of you standing on the logs! 


lake gregory


My last stop was in the other parking lot across the water slide.

I can imagine how different this place looks during the summer months with kids sliding down, without a trace of snow until winter rolls around again. 


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Things To Do at Lake Gregory Regional Park

Besides walking along the trail, there are so many fun activities at Lake Gregory. This is especially true for the months of May to September. 

Here’s a list of things to do at Lake Gregory

1) Fishing

Luckily, this activity can be done all year long. There’s plenty of brown and rainbow trout in this lake. I saw a few people fishing when I came in early January. 

It’s only $8 per day, but just keep in mind that you do need a license to fish and they do limit the number of people that can fish per day. If you love to fish, definitely check this place out. 

2) Waterpark  & Slides

This is for sure a summer highlight here. From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, you can expect to see a HUGE inflated waterpark structure and on the lake!

Anyone 7 years or older, or at least 48”, can enjoy this super cool experience. Teens and adults, you can join in too!

3) Swimming

They set aside about one-quarter of the lake for anyone who wants to swim on the beach. It’s a ton of fun for the whole family. 

4) Water Sports

They offer everything from kayaking, paddle-boarding, aqua cycling and so much more! Prices will vary and some water sport activities do require you to bring your own equipment.

But, they have a rental area for a lot of these water sports. 

5) Friday Night Fun

Summer nights call for free concerts and a farmers market by the lake. You can have fun jamming the night away while eating some delicious food.

History and Fun Facts About Lake Gregory

It might be surprising to know that Lake Gregory is actually a man-made lake. Here’s how it all started. 

Lake Gregory was originally known as Houston Flats. In 1937, a Redlands Citrus grower by the name of Arthur Gregory, Sr. helped with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) grant that began damming the east and west forks of the Houston Creek in order to create the lake.

Within the next year, federal funds ran out before it was completed. Gregory was generous enough to lend plenty of money in order to finally complete it.

That year of 1938, they estimated it would take about three years to fill up the dam. To their surprise, the rains were so heavy in March that it only took three days to fill up the lake!  Now, Lake Gregory is 80 feet deep (at its deepest) with a surface elevation of about 4,550 feet!

Nearby Restaurants We Recommend

There are hardly any chain restaurants here, so you know these places serve up some home-style good food!   Here are some small restaurant businesses I recommend trying:

Crestline Cafe They have everything from eggs Benedict to burgers. A great place for breakfast or brunch.

The Bear House Family Restaurant Not only do they serve up some great steaks and enchiladas, but they also have a “bear cave” stage for live performances. There’s also a pool table if you’re in the mood to play a game after.

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